Since we have been deprived for so long of live performances, we will showcase some videos of theMerge members here.

Recorded at Murdoch’s on January 24, 2020 Guitar and vocals – Jeff WG Thomas, Guitar – Southpaw Bawb, Bass – Kelly Timleck
Recorded December 27, 2019 at Murdoch’s Bar and Grill in Calgary. SouthPaw Bawb on guitar, Holly Magnus on drums, Jeff Thomas on guitar and vocals, Heather Thomas on vocals, Ashton on bass, Daniel D. Bessant on guitar
Our Lady of the Golden Pipes, performing Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman with her band, ATLAAS, at the Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club, September 12, 2019.
A mini concert for you… Jeff and Heather performing a couple of cover tunes at the Kingshead Pub in Calgary, December 28, 2019.
Jeff playing Jack White’s Trash Tongue Talker at the Blues Can in Calgary, October 27, 2019.
And now for something completely different… A bit of guitar R&R out at the cabin, July 2019.
Jeff playing at the Blues Can, Calgary
Jeff and Klement, January 2013
Based on the version by Derek and the Dominos. Jeff Thomas, Craig Steeles, Klement Danda. Cardel Theatre, Calgary, Jan 26, 2013. Thanks to Bob and Gary for making this evening happen.
It’s a Mash-Up! Rolling Stones meets Lou Reed. Recorded at Big Al’s in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Two Merge contributors *Jeff and Klement) joining in with the jammers at Javino’s YYC, January, 2016.
Merge contributor Heather (aka Diaphanie) goes back to her blues roots at the Ironwood in Calgary, December, 2014.
An original by Heather (aka Diaphanie) performed with her former band, ATLAAS. September, 2019, at the Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club in Calgary, Alberta.
A rare moment with 3 Merge contributors on stage together! Holly Magnus on drums, Jeff Thomas on guitar, Heather Thomas (aka Diaphanie) on vocals… Murdoch’s YYC, October 2019.